HI HELLO ITS BEEN 15 MONTHS since I last updated because aaaa! The last 3 years were spent drawing TRENT, our graphic novel adapted from the musical written by Dino Stamatopoulos, and the last 1.5 years of it were INTENSE. So if you buy it you will make us feel like we didn't waste our lives. It's a strange and entertaining dark twisted comedy/tragedy, and if you know Dino's work you'll love it. MUSIC! You can listen to the music as you read the lyrics and watch the characters dance. First musical graphic novel EVER!* What the fudge. You can order it RIGHT HERE!!!!! I love you!

*we think

Reach me at leahtiscione@gmail.com or Twitter: @leahtiscione


Good morning, if this website were a plant it would've died so many times. I'm terrible with updates. Lots has happened in the last 6 months. Tom Green! I got to be a guest on his live web talk show, Webovision, where I drew call-in requests pretty crappily. The link has disappeared for some reason but here's a picture of my idiot face on the show. I also illustrated ONE - TWO - THREE t-shirt designs for Tom! You can buy them here. That was fun.

Did some more work for Doug Benson! Here's the poster I created for his movie Chronic Con: Episode 420 - A New Dope. It has weed in it. And a laser bong.

Two illustrations for the New York Post this time. One article about ladies in the Hamptoms that crowd gyms (right here), and another about a brain computer chip implant (also right here).

And holy fudge I did character design for an animated music video for Lil' Dicky featuring Snoop Dogg! It turned out awesome look at iiiit!

TRENT, the beautiful graphic novel by Dino Stamatopoulos and myself, is really coming along. We're predicting it'll be released in a year because I'm the sole artist doing all the pencils, ink and color. It's all consuming and has been dominating all my time when I'm not at karaoke.

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Hey thanks for stopping by this thursday afternoon would you like to see some drawings? I painted the cover of comedian Doug Benson's album Promotional Tool, dropping June 9! And here's the back cover.

I also drew Hillary Clinton and Mayor DeBlasio for the New York Post, and some spot illustrations for the upcoming Adventure Time book Adventure Time: The Enchiridion & Marcy's Super Secret Scrapbook. And a Tshirt design for the Funny Business Agency.

Currently working on a Snoop Dogg thing! And as always for the last 2 years, the graphic novel by Dino Stamatopoulos. Ok I've taken enough of your time GET OUT

Find me at leahtiscione@gmail.com or Twitter: @leahtiscione


It's been over half a year since my last update because I'm on twitter way too much where I post crappy jokes peppered with art tweets.

Tons of stuff for the New York Post! This article is about new TV shows featuring superheroes, This article is about Obama's "secret radical agenda" (I don't write em I just draw em), This article is a fictional account of NYC parents that spoil their kids, This article is about crowds in NYC, This article is about the origins of the alphabet and This article is about NY being ranked 50th in state freedom. K

My favorite thing in the past few months however was for my buddy Will Sasso's podcast "Ten Minute Podcast," I did this M'Frenz Tshirt design, get one HERE! Also designed a Tshirt for Carmen Lynch, a very funny comedian for her bit about GIRAFFE SEX. Get that too of course. Designed two logos for my friend Troy Quan's music projects Serpents That Swim and Black Caviar , and a personal project for my friend Simon as a toddler eating cereal which is a level of cute you should be afraid of.

Sky and Telescope magazine, my lovely steady gig, asks for illustrations in addition to the usual astronomy graphics I produce for them (but rarely post here). This Meteor lady and space puppy were for an article about observing minor moons, and oops I don't remember what this article was about but some REALLY - PRETTY - WORK came out of it.

Oh now you can play that online game I illustrated for 5 Seconds of Summer it's actually fun! DO IT: http://www.roadtoderpcon.com/

And, until probably forever, I'm still illustrating TRENT, the graphic novel by myself and Dino Stamatopoulos :)

If you have any requests shoot me an email! leahtiscione@gmail.com or twitter twitter twitter


Hi dipshit how you feeling? Good? How's your sister? It's been a minute. I went to San Diego Comic Con in July with Dino Stamatopoulos to promote our musical graphic novel TRENT. The full novel won't be finished until next Comic Con but you can buy the first song with 3 accompanying pages HERE. YAY!

AND! I sure hope you love boy bands! The full animation isn't released yet, but I completely illustrated an online video game to promote the new album for 5 Seconds of Summer! Tell your teenage daughter, she'll be impressed. I'll update this as soon as it comes out . I also illustrated an article for the New York Post about foreclosed houses that go neglected, resulting in this zombie house. The majority of my time has been spent illustrating TRENT and pumpin' out graphics for Sky and Telescope magazine. And traveling. A. Lot.


Lemme know if you need anything at leahtiscione@gmail.com or Twitter: @leahtiscione


The last few months were bonkers. In January I drew Obama and Chris Christie for the New York Post. Then I put our graphic novel, Trent, on hold for all of February to illustrate an entire website for country artist Jerrod Niemann... it includes a bar fighting game and drinking game, all illustrated! Get that ass whoopin' here! Then today this illy of Attorney General Eric Holder is in the New York Post. But I gotta say, the graphic novel has been shaping up pretty. It'll probs be done this time next year! UPDATE: no.


Hey if you have any questions hit me up at leahtiscione@gmail.com

It's a new year and I'm an idiot that forgets to update for months. So much stuff! New York Comic Con, October 10-13, destroyed!! Dino Stamatopoulos and Starburns Industries, his animation studio, were kind enough to include me in their booth to promote our graphic novel TRENT. It was SICK. We'll be on this project steadily for a couple years. I illustrated an entire CHILDREN'S BOOK!! "Drowsy and Dozy," sheep that can't sleep, was a privately commissioned project that we may publish! Wutt!! Then DJ Troy Quan asked me to illustrate his mixtape Twerk Time with Troy Quan (aka butts). Then did a few New York Post covers... one for PostScript of a JFK statue, and two for Pulse (one cover and one inside) of storks (before they added the headline and type). YES! Looking forward to the novel, I'll try to update sketches as they come along!
Hi! I drew today. Wanna see? This is just a few of the illustrations for Sky and Telescope magazine's annual issue, SkyWatch, done in a new style. And here's one for the New York Post, a parody of Seurat's "Day at the Park" a.k.a. the Ferris Bueller painting. Also for the Post I got to make fun of NYC's Mayoral candidates for the cover of PostScript. I did this! All in one day! If one day = a month
Been a deadbeat updater. So much stuff! Dino Stamatopoulos and I have finally started the graphic novel we've been too lazy to do for 4 years! It's called TRENT and an ashcan of the first 9 pages was released at this year's San Diego Comic Con. It's $2 so click here and buy it! I love you. Of course, some New York Post happened also, more zombies... and the cover of their Pulse section for World War Z. And the Pistol Annie's comic book has been released! Working on something now for the Post, and Sky and Telescope. Fin.
FT*%&D&GFGHJK Finally, after 2 months of drawing in a cave: Been putting together a 30-page comic book for Miranda Lambert's band, The Pistol Annies! LOOK AT THE ONLINE INTERACTIVE CHAPTERS!! Right?! One chapter a week will come out for the next month. Then, a print version with 9 extra pages will be released! OMFG. In between sweating blood for this bad ass comic book, I managed to scratch out some ZOMBIES for the New York Post :)
MY BRAIN IS BLEEDING! In the middle of a giant double secret comic project, *immediately* followed by another double secret comic project. I wish I had work to show but it'll all come out at once and blow your top off. And possibly your eyelids, so cover those. Look out in another 3 weeks!
CHECK THIS OUT... how bad ass is this? The SmartCar skin I designed went from THIS - to THAT - to THIS! This is like some NASA shit to a lowly illustrator. If anyone wants to know how to convert their vehicle into a gargoyle, kitten or even David Hasselhoff, shoot me an email. Thanks Larry and Stephani! Also drew something for the New York Post last Sunday, an article about NYC noise. I also created the cover for an upcoming Sky and Telescope magazine, which I will post when my brain remembers to.
It's been a busy couple months. The SmartCar wrap and movie poster took forever, and I managed an illo for The New York Post of Romney (who?) and Obama... The poster is for a 3D animated feature called Silver Circle. My design was used to pose the 3D characters, then I digitally enhanced and elaborated (and prettified) the image. I'll post a pic of the SmartCar when it's complete, so far it's delish. These kinds of jobs are so diverse, I feel like anything's possible. I'm drinking eggnog.
Anyway, here's that AWOLnation project... In the last two months I drew one thing for the New York Post and some illustrations hired by friends and family. One freebee for the fam was my brother's wedding card I drew during our two weeks in China where he lives :) Yeyuh! SO now, on to drawing a wrap for a SmartCar!! I've been hired to transform a car into a dragon. AND a movie poster. Bizzy bizzy.
It's been nonSTOP! Surprise, here's another one for the New York Post... this time it's pretty somber, about how (satanic) Facebook has been a detriment to troops abroad. And yesterday I finished something unique for AWOLnation's tour! One of those carnival boards with the face cut out so people can fit their ugly mugs in and take a picture. Not sure if I'm allowed to post it before it debuts so I'll hold off in case my whole life gets sued.
Crap! I never update. Here's an article I illustrated for the New York Post about the Higgs Boson "God Particle." I also made an infographic on the adjacent page but who cares. And for TODAY'S New York Post I'm very happy to have cranked this one out... it's a departure from my usual pen and ink style for a full watercolor.
I never thought I would like drawing kids. Thanks to my friend Leah who commissioned a piece for her daughter, I found a new thing to do. If anyone wants their kid(s) drawn for any reason, I'm all about it. Also! Stepped out of my comfort zone for Sky and Telescope magazine with a series of sky gazing illos starting with this lil number. And designed the cover of a mixtape for Troy Quan, a DJ in NYC. Now on to weirder territory- for some reason I'll be doing live caricatures next week at an outdoor festival. Will work for cotton candy.
O by the way! Drew these lil' guys for the NY Post 3 weeks ago, and as always, they're cropped weird, blah, sorry. Just got back from 2 weeks away in Arizona and Whistler, Canada, and this about sums up the trip!... doing some personal jobs for some friends right now, more work to come soon.
Change of plans. I'm no longer doing weekly cartoons for the New York Post, *but!* I'm still doing jobs for them like today's PostScript cover (better seen here) whenever they need :) Always feels good to see that bat signal in the shape of Murdoch's face! Here's the last cartoon, cropped weird. OH and I also won runner-up in the Tim & Eric art contest! Sooo. What's next?
'Suh. I got to do something that wasn't commissioned, just for me, and that hasn't happened in years... I entered the Tim and Eric Billion Dollar Movie fan art contest!! (link quality is grainy) If I could draw this kind of thing every day I would never need to eat. Let's just say if this doesn't win someone will have to hide all the razors. Here's some past Post cartoons! Bing, bong, blammo!
OMGad. I got the COVER (that's front AND back) of the New York Post January 22nd for the Giants/49ers game which, as we all know, the Giants dominated and went on to destroy the Superbowl and everything in it. I can't get a better image than this or this! That was one of those golden goose opportunities that made my life relevant (for a day). YAY! Also designed a T-shirt for AWOLnation! Apparently I'm old, had no idea who that was. And here's another New York Post Sunday cartoon WOOT!
Happy Nude Year!! Sorry I missed a few weeks (like anyone reads this anyway). I'm OFFICIALLY the Sunday cartoonist for the New York Post's Michael Goodwin column! WHAT WHAT!!! Eff yes. Best gig on the planet...I get to make fun of ugly politicians, weekly. THANK YOU Steve Lynch! Here's today's cartoon, the 7th week so far. If you want to see any of them just search Goodwin's Sunday columns on the Post's website. I love you.
New Ron Paul Poster! My dad and I dedicate this to Dr. Paul's presidential run because we believe in his principles of liberty and the constitution, of sound money and limited government. Shoot me an email if you wanna get into it.
Sorry! Where have I been?? Procrastinating in painting our second Ron Paul poster (but it's done!), drawing a Back to the Future 2 t-shirt for Opie and Anthony's Danny Ross, and illustrating 2 additional Deadmau5 posters that will never see the light of day. BOOO. Well, you can see the Christmas one that was ordered but won't be released here. I personally love it. Right now doing a portrait commissioned by a friend in the style of Seinfeld's Kramer painting. Gold, Jerry, GOLD!
Got back from Hell-A 2 days ago and i have to say... little disappointed. Did not meet about graphic novel, and my future employment plans have morphed into a variation of current status. I will unexpectedly be staying at Sky and Telescope magazine for less time per week, while stepping up my freelance intake. It's actually a good thing all around, because I really love taking on new freelance... keeps things interesting. And I learnded to digitally paint! Bob Ross' corpse is proud.
HEY THAR! Drew something for the NY Post last week here in an old-timey Boss Tweed style. Off to LA next week to ketchup with some people, including the Uprising Creative champions and the mystery author of said secret graphic novel that, fingers crossed, becomes an actuality. We may have a best seller in gestation. I hate that word. ALSO, LA wouldn't be LA without some major attention whoring onstage in Karaoke fashion! Hopefully will have pics of that mess up on here.
BOOM! Website mission completed, thank you Colin Hess! EXCEPT the graphics page is still the old one. We'll get that fixed tomorrow. Won't we, Colin? ...Colin?...
Still not done. Taking forever. Since last time Darren asked for a t-shirt design for the FOO FIGHTERS of a vampire eating a coyote... Yay! Also drew Anthony Weiner for the NY Post... weiners are always good for any portfolio.
Dood...I love Darren from Uprising Creative. He hooks me up with assignments that make my existence relevant. This week I cranked out this drawing for Deadmau5's North American tour, and I couldn't be happier. This completely schools the Charlie Sheen poster in badass points. Also... been so busy I haven't been able to redesign the site yet. It's shabby and embarrassing at the moment... the work that's up is ancient. SOON, as in the next month or two. Fffff.
It's been 5 YEARS since I launched this site, and in 5 YEARS I haven't added anything new. Sickening... but I'm finally adding work I've done over the years for The New York Post, Kaplan, Sky and Telescope Magazine, and loads of freelance, of which Charlie Sheen is the latest crowning jewel. Or crazy polygamist, whatever. This may take a while. In other ambiguous news, I'm proud to announce that talk of a graphic novel is in the works and slated to start production this year sometime! What what!? The author is a bad ass who has written for David Letterman, SNL and Adult Swim.