O hello! I didn't see you there. What you see on this site is what I do, and to appreciate it you have to conjure the scared high school freshman within that didn't want to leave the art room at lunchtime because the popular kids thought you were ugly. So please, sit with me for a while, next to the watercolors and the desk that has "JOSH IS A DICK" carved into it.

My work is simple: I love faces, exaggerating the form, dynamic points of view and diverse illustrative styles and mediums... but above all, I prefer the weird and funny. I have a broad range, from comic book art to logo design, from infographics to painting realism. Whatever you need, I'll take your money and turn it into whatever pie chart, caricature or 12-breasted flying dragon fantasy tattoo you might need. (Of course your wife won't let you get that, so let's talk).